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Menards Home Improvement Topic: "Shop Vacs are Useful"

Posted at 2:56 PM, May 04, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-04 14:56:33-04

Most people either own a shop vac or have at least used one. These highly versatile wet/dry vacuums that can safely pick up liquids, dirt or debris of various size in a house or garage, and are ideal for clean-up for construction or do-it-yourself projects and other creative uses as below:

Before re-using a grill, scrape and remove the grate, then use a shop vac to collect the cold ashes and debris that have accumulated below. Fairly simple, but don’t pick up hot ashes. Floods It’s not a secret that shop vacs are ideal to suck up and clean large amounts of water, especially if a pipe breaks or your basement floods. Larger shop vacs have a drain from the collection drum to make emptying easier.

Paper towels are not always a quicker, easier or cheaper way to clean up a kitchen mess. A shop vac can be ideal when someone spills liquids, food, beverages, sauces and more, or breaks a glass or bowl that leaves shards all over the floor. Remember to thoroughly clean and rinse a shop vac that has collected anything with an odor.

Pool Toys
Are you blue in the face from blowing and blowing on a pool toy, air mattress or small raft? Sometimes these items are left inflated but lose air over time or might tear or pop if left inflated. Use a shop vac to do the job instead.

Not everyone has a fireplace, but cleaning out a fireplace or fire pit can be messy. Instead of sweeping and scooping ashes into the trash, suck it up with a shop vac. Make sure your vac is using a fine dust filter and dust bag so the ash will be capture. Don’t pick up hot ashes.

When you track in the winter snow and salty messes from a sidewalk, vehicle or garage into your home, why not use a shop vac to clean up the mess. Aquarium Be careful not to overfill the collection drum, but using a shop vac can make removing water from an aquarium quick and easy.

*There’s always a place for a good shop vac in your life. Although mainly built for shop use, they are a versatile piece of equipment that can do much more than their name implies*

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