Menards Home Improvement Topic: "Paint Like a Pro"

Posted at 9:36 AM, Mar 04, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-30 10:33:58-04

A good paint job is important because it adds character, beauty and personality to your home. For that reason, it is important to take sufficient time planning and prepping to ensure your paint job is successful.

 Color Consistency – Paint colors may vary slightly from one can to the next; therefore, if you mix several cans of paint in a large bucket you can eliminate color difference when transitioning to a new can of paint.

 Perfect Edge – Before removing painting tape off trim or walls, let the paint dry for at least 24 hours, and then with a sharp utility knife cut it loose to avoid tearing off pieces of dried paint from the walls. As the paint is cut, pull up at a 45-degree angle.

 Drop Cloths – Regardless of how careful you are spills and splatters happen. Avoid the mess by choosing either a canvas or rosin paper drop cloth. Thick canvas stays in place so it can be used to cover any surface, whereas rosin paper is better over vinyl, tile and hard-wood and provides a nonslip surface.

 Painting Techniques – paint the trim first, then the ceiling and walls. It is easier to tape off the trim than to tape off the walls. When painting trim worry more about getting a smooth finish then being neat since you’ll be painting the walls later.

 Materials to have on hand:
o patching paste, putty knife, primer, paint-can opener, stir sticks, roller covers, paintbrushes, paint tray, gloves, and drop cloths
 Clean dirty surfaces in order for the paint to bond properly
 Repair any imperfections to ensure the final job looks fresh and crisp!
 Protect anything you don’t want painted.
o Drop clothes are a must, and you can even use small plastic sandwich bags to protect doorknobs!
 Remove light switch and outlet covers if necessary
 Double check the paint by applying a small coat to an inconspicuous area.
Doing so will verify that there are no issues with the tint or miscommunication on the paint shade.

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