GM keeps the Chevy Traverse in mid-Michigan

Posted at 8:59 AM, Jan 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-10 09:54:45-05

The completely redesigned Traverse was the headliner of Chevrolet's presentation on the first media day of the North American International Auto Show, and GM's Betsy Flegg says production will stay in mid-Michigan because of the great work the Delta plant has done with the previous Traverse models.

"We've worked with them for many years, and had a very successful partnership," smiles Flegg, "we love them, and they do a great job."

Delta plant manager Marcos Purty claims the continued investment in his plant will be a driver for more success with the Traverse in the future.

"It helps with the momentum that we've already had," explains Purty. "All the hard work that people have put in to build the current Traverse over these years, it just helps to continue that momentum."

That momentum is from more than six years of building the Traverse in mid-Michigan. Time that Purty believes has earned the plant the right to continue production.

Lansing mayor Virg Bernero says that's great for the area.

"We're a proud GM town," claims Bernero. "They used to say 'what's good for GM is good for America,' well what's good for GM is good for Lansing!"

That's because the continued production brings in tons of money for the city.

"It's not by accident that GM is investing millions of dollars in Lansing, it's because Lansing works," continues Bernero.

And Bill Reed of the UAW thinks Lansing works harder than any other plants.

"I always said, if you want to build it right, build it in Lansing, because we do it better than anybody else," he smiles.

By continuing production of the Traverse here, GM seems to agree.

The redesigned Traverse is set to be released next fall, which means production will start at the Delta plant this summer.