Flint Community Leaders: ‘Schuette Failed Residents In Flint Water Crisis'

Posted at 12:47 PM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 12:47:12-04
Flint community leaders and residents are calling out Bill Schuette for trying to brush off his record of failing the people of Flint as “just nonsense,” while also releasing over a dozen [] complaints about the water that Schuette ignored as Attorney General.
The documents [] add new details and specifics about Schuette’s record of ignoring [] 15 separate complaints about the water in Flint. Schuette’s record of failure also includes signing off [] on a key order that helped set the water crisis into motion.
Here’s what Flint community leaders and residents are saying about Bill Schuette:
Michigan Radio []: “Several Flint community leaders said Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Schuette has a record of ignoring the people of Flint.”
Flint Pastor Chris Martin []: “When we complained about it and when we needed justice from our top law enforcement official, he was not there.”

Leading Flint Water Activist Melissa Mays []: "I'm not sure what nonsense is, but Flint residents reaching out for months upon months, and hearing nothing back from the person that's supposed to help them, is not nonsense. Yet here we still are, 4 and a half years into this and there's no accountability." 

NBC 25 in Flint []: “Flint group claims Schuette ignored warnings”
WNEM 5 []: “Group claims Schuette ignored complaints about Flint water crisis”