First customer of Saddleback Barbecue in Okemos camped out to donate free food to homeless

Posted: 9:43 AM, Nov 09, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-09 14:43:22Z

Saddleback Barbecue in Okemos is now open for business. The grand opening was Wednesday, November 8.

Customers began camping out as early as Monday night in the cold to be among the first ones in the door. Their incentive? $10 worth of free food, every day for six months.

Josh Woodrum of East Lansing was the first in line. According to Saddleback Barbecue's Facebook page, Josh waited more than 36 hours in temperatures as low as 20 degrees for the freebie. But he didn't want the six months of barbecue for himself. Instead, he asked Saddleback to donate the money to the Volunteers of America.

The company agreed and donated $750 to the VOA kitchen in Josh's name. Josh kicked in $250 of his own money bringing the total donation to $1000. He says it did it to raise awareness about the homeless in Michigan. Saddleback Barbecue says it is proud to have Josh as its first customer at the Okemos location.

Saddleback BBQ is popular around the Lansing area. Its known for its ribs, corn cake, brisket and red barbecue sauce.

This is Saddleback BBQ's second location. The first is located in Reo Town at 1147 S. Washington Avenue. The restaurant in Okemos is at 1754 Central Park Drive.

That restaurant features a dining room along with a full bar specializing in Michigan craft beer and wines. The Okemos Saddleback BBQ also boasts of Saddleback "Pork and Go." Customers can purchase their meals to go. The food is delivered right to their car.