Charlotte's Math Pentathalon teams receive honors

Posted at 8:00 AM, Jan 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-09 08:34:47-05

Mathematics Pentathlon® and has received national recognition over the years for its scale and quality of programs and mentorships within the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); a program of choice from winners of the White House Science Fair and the US2020.

Charlotte Schools have used Mathematics Pentathlon games in classrooms, cross-grade activities, math clubs, and Gifted and Talented programs since the 1980s. In recent years, Charlotte has been represented at the Michigan-Ohio Center tournaments in all four divisions, kindergarten through 7th grade, qualifying a team status for two of those years. Eight students, from 1991-2013, won all five of their games, earning them a place in the Mathematics Pentathlon Hall of Fame.

Mathematics Pentathlon offers students a chance to put their strategic thinking skills to use in a fun, yet competitive manner. Each division requires students to learn five board-style games designed to include aspects of computational, logical/scientific, and spatial/geometric reasoning including, but not limited to problem solving, various types of mathematical computations, deductive/inductive reasoning, hypothesizing and experimentation, networks, and structural analysis of space.

Last spring, after months of preparation, 28 of Charlotte’s Mathematics Pentathletes participated in National Mathematics Pentathlon Academic Tournaments (NMPAT).

Division IV, 6th-7th Grade

Honorable Mention – Abigail Milarch

Pentathlete Award – Eli Bau, Eliana Greer, Logan Nelson, Ben Stambaugh, Jacob Stambaugh, Nick Usher, Evan Wendorf

Division III, 4th-5th Grade

Bronze – Eva Stout

Pentathlete Award – Devon Eaton, Nathan Penfield, Eva Quimby Elliana Tapscott, Logan VanvVleck

Division II, 2nd-3rd Grade

Bronze – Ryce Ferrell

Pentathlete Award - Jacob Bauer, Mason Croley, Braylen Eaton, Nora Ellwanger, Ryce Ferrell, McKayla Hankins, Peyton Hankins, Nick Hatter, Gavin Lounsberry, Alec Raymond

Division I, Kindergarten-1st Grade

Silver- Camden Eaton

Honorable Mention - Ariana Eaton

Pentathlete Award - Hayden James

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