30,000 voters identify the recipients of the 2018 Celebrated Service award

Posted at 12:30 PM, Nov 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-22 12:30:25-05

Six regional recipients of the world’s largest prize for great customer service have just been announced! The Celebrated Service Award – spearheaded by Celebration! Cinema and supported by sponsors Beene Garter LLP, Mercantile Bank, MLive Media Group, and Zingerman’s Community of Businesses – was created to ignite a conversation about service in the community.

“There is no script or formula for providing celebrated service,” says Emily Loeks, Director of Community Affairs for Celebration! Cinema. “It requires genuine connection and creativity. We hope that telling stories about places and people that get it right help us to continue to grow a culture that we are proud of in this region. We’d like to thank each of our award finalists for making everyday magic happen and inspiring us.”

31,594 votes were placed via web and text for award finalists in six cities. The 2018 Celebrated Service Award recipients are:

RYLEE’S ACE HARDWARE: “The team at Rylee’s is thrilled to be the recipient of the 2018 Celebrated Service Award,” said Lori Terpstra, owner. “Rylee’s always serves the community with pride and purpose. The projects are important, but it’s more about the people, their story and how we can improve their lives and homes.”

THE MARK III GRILLE & BAR: “We are truly honored and thankful to have so much support from our community!” said Stacy Camp. “It was a true pleasure to participate in promoting the value of great service! The entire Mark III family is elated & appreciative!”

CROW’S NEST: “Crow’s Nest Restaurant is honored to be the first ever two-time recipient of the Celebrated Service Award!” said Ben Kochenderfer, General Manager. “Providing Celebrated Service is the cornerstone of our business and we’re humbled to be awarded for our efforts!”

VIVID INK TATTOO: “We are all speechless over here at Vivid Ink. What an honor!” said Stu Vosburgh. “Participating in this couple week adventure really made us reach out to our loyal customers, friends & family. To know that everyone put the gloves on and wanted to see us win this really hits home. It illustrates that our hard work and dedication to customers does pay off.”

HAMBURGER MIKEY: “We are extremely grateful to be a part of the amazing customer service in Muskegon,” said Tim Taylor. “We ALL WIN during this campaign. We love being recognized for something WE LOVE to do.”

PISANELLO’S: “Participating in the Celebrated Service competition was an exciting, fun and touching experience,” said Amanda Fischer. “It was rewarding to see the entire community come together to support the businesses and people of Mount Pleasant. Our incredibly kind and caring customers make it easy and fun to provide quality service, and we couldn't have won without their love and support.”

The award package for the six regional business recipients is a unique one, designed to offer more than $300,000 of value to business recipients. It includes a recognition for six months on Celebration! Cinema movie screens, $30,000 total in cash prizes, specialized training at ZingTrain (in Ann Arbor) and movie watch parties for the whole staff. “We wanted the award to create value that connects with business owners as well as the front line staff” said Loeks. More about the award can be found at