23rd annual Greater Lansing Entrepreneurial Awards recognize local business success

Posted at 12:26 PM, Mar 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-06 12:26:21-05

The 23rd Annual Entrepreneurial Awards of Greater Lansing were presented Thursday evening, March 2 at the Eagle Eye Golf Club to five worthy recipients. Tiffany Dowling, publisher of the Greater Lansing Business Monthly (GLBM) and president and CEO of M3 Group, and Bob Hoffman, public relations manager, Wharton Center for the Performing Arts, co-hosted the event before more than 330 attendees.

“I’m so proud of our community. I truly admire the entrepreneurial drive to succeed. Tonight, the entrepreneurs we’re celebrating came up with an innovative idea and relentlessly moved forward to pursue success or found an opportunity and took it to the next level,” said Dowling. “These great men and women help create a robust local economy by creating jobs while sharing their passion and ideas.”

The guest speaker for the evening was Craig Dubitsky, founder of Hello Products, a naturally friendly oral care product developer based in Montclair, N.J. Dubitsky shared how he turned the $30 Billion U.S. oral care industry on its head when he set out to create products that promoted positivity surrounding the topic of oral health in a fun and human way.

This year’s Entrepreneurial Award winners included:

Greater Lansing Business of the Year: Dewpoint has become an essential part of the Lansing community. As a facilitator of growth within the area, this business is the technological backbone for many organizations, allowing them to maximize their potential and thrive within their industries, which has allowed the business to grow significantly. In the last year alone, the company went from 116 to 200 employees.

Entrepreneur of the Year:  Jill Marlan of Peak Performance is a prime example of the sheer will and dedication necessary for success. Her company’s caring nature and enthusiasm brings light and encouragement to each patient. With her heart set on expanding the physical therapy and health industry through educational opportunities, Marlan continues to push the envelope for what can be achieved when putting patients first.

Socially Responsible Entrepreneur: Lynn Ross of Mother & Earth Baby Boutique puts the community and the environment at the forefront of decision making which has earned her business the right to be viewed as a beacon of inspiration for others in the area. With a focus on community education, she’s inspiring a new generation of mothers that will embrace the concepts of entrepreneurship when raising our next generation of leaders.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: Dawn-Marie Joseph of Estate Planning & Preservation has dedicated her time and energy to bettering the lives of those around her. Her unfaltering support and encouragement sets the bar for what can be accomplished when you put your heart into your community. Being the name behind multiple, successful businesses is no easy feat but she embodies what it means to possess the spirit of innovation and the determination to drive forward, despite adversities.

Emerging Entrepreneur: Samuel Short of The Potent Potables Project brings a helping of hope to the area as it continues to be a source for change, which challenges others to embrace diversity. Riding on the cusp of the latest and greatest, this business is a mirror of their environment, reflecting a positive energy and dedication to the community that continues to drive and mold the city’s Old Town district.