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You Could Live And Work In Yellowstone National Park This Fall

You Could Live And Work In Yellowstone National Park This Fall
Posted at 11:41 AM, Jul 08, 2019

If you’re itching to work in the great outdoors, there’s a new opportunity that you will want to jump on: Yellowstone National Park needs part-time workers for the fall season.

Yellowstone is a 3,472-square-mile national park located primarily in Wyoming, but also in Montana and Idaho. It has numerous visiting areas, including the geyser Old Faithful, museums, lodging and exceptional opportunities for viewing wild animals like bears, bison, moose, elk, bobcats and Canadian lynx.

All in all, it has been ranked one of the top national parks to visit in America. If you enjoy rustic work environments, you could fit right in working there.

Herd of Bison with Calves in Yellowstone National Park

The current opportunity runs from Sept. 5 or 12 through Oct. 15.  Xanterra Travel Collection is hiring Helping Hands, aka part-time workers, for three different locations in the park: the Lake, Canyon Village and Old Faithful.

The job positions are flexible and subject to change daily; they include a mix of housekeeping, food prep and laundry.

Wages start at $10.10 an hour and hours start at 20 hours per week. (You can read previous employees’ reviews of working at Yellowstone and for Xanterra on Indeed.)

Make note that housing is dormitory-style and meals are cafeteria-style. If you’re OK with those college-like conditions, read along to find out more about the places where you could work.

Open Positions

The Lake has 387 positions and if you’re assigned there, you could work at the hotel, lodge, RV park or campgrounds. Employee facilities include a recreation hall with workout equipment and WiFi.

Some employee rooms sleep two per room, while others are three per room, and some have private baths while some baths are communal. It may also be possible to live in your own RV on the campgrounds.

Bison of Yellowstone

Canyon Village has 435 employees to work in the lodge or one of the cabins. The canyon is the most centrally located of all of the options — it can be found near the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone and its Lower Falls.

Employees will also sleep two or three per room in bunk beds and share communal bathrooms.

Last is Old Faithful, which has 740 employees at an inn and several lodges. Employees will sleep two or three to a room, and bathrooms are a mix of communal and semi-private.

Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park, USA

Intrigued about working one of these part-time positions at Yellowstone National Park for the fall? Apply at the Xanterra website.

Good luck!

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