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Warm your house without raising your thermostat with a window insulation kit

Warm your house without raising your thermostat with a window insulation kit
Posted at 10:45 AM, Nov 10, 2022

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When the cold weather picks up, you don’t need to automatically dial up the thermostat to stay comfortable. One simple way to keep you warm while saving money over the winter is to use a window insulation kit. These kits provide an extra layer of protection against the elements. They’re usually used once and then discarded, but they can be kept on for multiple seasons (fall, spring and summer) if desired.

The weatherizing process is simple. The film consists of thin polyester that adheres to the side of your windows; then you shrink-wrap it with a hair dryer for a firm fit. Clear film won’t obstruct your view while it blocks out cold air, and you can trim off excess film for a cleaner look.

Properly sealed homes are the most energy efficient and can reduce costs by hundreds of dollars. You can pick up window insulation kits at your local hardware store or order one of the highly-rated window insulation kits that are available on Amazon.

Frost King V73/9H Indoor Shrink Window Insulation Kit ( 3 for $4.98) 


For just $4.98 right now, you can also get a three-pack window insulation kit from Frost King. A nine-pack costs $16.25. The plastic covers 42-inch by 62-inch frames. It’s easy to use; simply run the double-sided sticky tape along the edges of the window and place the clear plastic sheet on top. Then shrink wrap it for a tight seal using a hairdryer. It works on metal, painted or varnished wood, or vinyl window frames.

This window insulation kit has more than 7,500 global ratings and an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Reviewer James W called it a 5-minute install with months-long effectiveness.

“For those of us who don’t have fifteen grand stuffed under the mattress, plastic window-kits like these are a far more affordable solution,” the reviewer said.

Amazon user Spencer echoed the enthusiasm, saying he’s used this product for two winters and said they make a bigger difference than you might realize.

“So if you have a few windows that seem to let in that winter cold, these will do the trick,” the reviewer said. “They are easy to install, stay well and are easy to remove come spring when you want to open the windows and let a breeze in.”

3M Indoor Window Insulation Kit (5 for $15.99)


Cover up to five windows with this highly rated 3M indoor window insulation kit, made for windows measuring 3 by 5 feet. Created to reduce condensation and prevent frost buildup, it saves energy while reducing heating bills. The company claims to have the clearest film available on the market.

With an average of 4 out of 5-star ratings and more than 26,100 global reviews, this kit holds up — especially in drafty old homes, according to reviewers. Find it for $15.99, which is 38% off the regular price.

“I have had this up for about two weeks now, and even my neighbors have commented how I don’t have any ‘cold spots’ in my house, and didn’t see what I was talking about when I tried to show them the Insulation,” reviewer Hannah gushed. “I just ordered some for them because they gushed so much about mine. Seriously, ya’ll — you don’t realize how much heat you are losing until you put something like this up.”

Duck Brand Indoor 5-Window Shrink Film Insulator Kit ($24.20)


For $24.15, you can insulate up to five standard-sized (3 by 5 foot) windows for a drastic uptick in energy efficiency.

This product has more than 18,700 global ratings and an average of 4.4 out of 5 stars. It scored highly in energy efficiency, adhesion and drying power.

One reviewer claimed they use this product every year because it provides great insulation.

“Easy to use, provides great insulation and I love the double sided tape because it makes the whole process flawless and it’s easy to remove when spring comes around! will always buy this for my windows,” beliz said.

Meanwhile, reviewer Allfluksd said they were amazed with how well these worked.

“Before we would feel a cold ‘draft’ (not sure it was cold air blowing through or just colder because the windows are so bad) next to the windows,” the Amazon user explained. “This significantly cut down on that — there was a noticeable temperature difference using the plastic sheets. Because of this, it also reduced the amount of condensation we saw and although there was still some water on the bottom of the plastic film, there was nowhere near the amount we saw without it. ”

Are your windows drafty? If so, you can benefit from a little DIY weatherproofing. You can’t go wrong with a window insulation kit!

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