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We Asked Readers If They Like Fruit On Pizza—and The Results Might Surprise You

We Asked Readers If They Like Fruit On Pizza—and The Results Might Surprise You
Posted at 9:02 AM, Jul 03, 2019

It’s one of the most important questions of our time — how do you feel about fruit on pizza?

The debate’s raged on social media for months. Feelings have been hurt. Relationships challenged. The question’s even divided the staff at our beloved Simplemost, with one of our writers coming down on the “Never Pineapple” side and another writing a passionate defense of the sweet-and-savory combo.

Finally, we put the question to you, our readers. Using a poll on Facebook, we asked: Do you like fruit on your pizza?

The results were not surprising, given the wide philosophical gulf between the two choices. Fifty-six percent of the 1,800 voters said “Yum!” to fruit on pizza — Hawaiian pizza being the most popular example — and 44% said “Yuck!”


Put simply, it was a pretty even split, despite the heated language on both sides.

Alonzo Porter clearly stated his position in the comments on our poll:

Cherry Nava was equally forceful in her anti-fruit sentiment:

Anita White took the rarely-used middle road, saying she likes pineapple “occasionally” on her pie:

Coming in with the hottest of takes, Amelia Zang-Carta would rather see the loathed anchovy on a pizza than a pineapple chunk:

Lauren Toscano blew our minds when she pointed out that fruit is almost always on pizza:


The two sides are pretty solidly polarized, it seems. Though the fruit-positive votes had the edge, it wasn’t a resounding victory.

In my own home, this isn’t even a question. My husband would never, ever allow a pineapple-topped pizza to cross our threshold. He’s from Ohio and has very strict preferences dictated by the regional pizza styles he grew up with.

I don’t mind a Hawaiian pie now and again, but it’s not my favorite. I’ll eat almost anything on pizza, though. Even anchovies!


Where I draw the line is barbecue chicken pizza and all its variants. If you put chicken and sweet BBQ sauce on a pizza, is it even still pizza? If you crave a BBQ bacon cheeseburger, why not just go to Burger King? What on earth does pizza have to do with barbecue?

As you can see, everyone has their pizza peculiarities. Let’s all agree that it’s OK to like what you like — and if something looks gross, just pick it off.

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