Using the FRIB to lure new jobs to Lansing area

Posted at 9:28 AM, Nov 18, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-18 09:28:57-05

Lansing wants in on the FRIB.

"We want to help the Lansing region become the number 1 accelerator community in North America," said Bob Trezise from Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP).

He presented his plan Tuesday to convince companies to settle down in Lansing.

"We have a huge runway behind us and in the future of a technology that's always cutting edge," said FRIB Intellectual Property Officer Ray Devito.

The FRIB is expected to create hundreds of jobs in Mid-Michigan, but developers think it will also create an entirely new community in the area over the next 30 years.

Former Lansing Mayor David Hollister is on the FRIB task force.

"This whole new industry that is not even defined yet will be a pillar as equal to GM or the insurance industry here," Hollister said.

But Lansing has some work to do before they get here.

One company, Niowave, made people on Walnut Street angry when it built a pole barn there.

Which LEAP Director Bob Trezise says, they've learned from.

"New companies will be more likely in industrial parks and it was very unusual," Trezise said.

The region also needs to improve quality of life, and add new kinds of jobs to the area.

All in hopes to make more scientists, entrepreneurs and their families want to come to Mid-Michigan.