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Thrillist: Michigan State is the best college in Michigan

Posted: 8:59 AM, Nov 01, 2017
Updated: 2017-11-01 12:59:13Z

It is the news Michigan fans probably will not want to hear: Michigan State is the best college in the state, according to lifestyle and travel website, Thrillist.

The website says despite the university being the underdog, it has shown growth and is more progressive than the University of Michigan.

Thrillist highlights MSU's "gorgeous standalone campus that's adopted a "neighborhood" model to help its student body feel more at home" and its butterfly house. It also names the Dairy store, and the university's research facilities, along with its journalism program, med and vet schools, and its athletic program as big factors drawing people to the university.

Thrillist also points out Michigan State's famous alumni like Magic Johnson, Draymond Green, Jimmy Hoffa, and Bubba Smith. And who can forget Tom Izzo?

There is even a nod to the infamous 'burning couches.' The website says MSU throws better parties and have the "charred couches to prove it."