John Kasich hopes to gain college students' vote

Posted at 8:35 AM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-16 08:35:21-05

On the heels of his second place finish in New Hampshire, Ohio Governor John Kasich took a detour from the campaign trail in South Carolina to visit East Lansing.

While at MSU, Kasich told the at capacity audience how important Michigan is for his campaign.

"I'm not going to ever forget my visit here to East Lansing. If you can help me we'd love it. This state is going to be very important to us and I'm going to do my level best to raise the bar on politics" said Kasich.

Speaking to mostly students, Kasich focused on issues that affected them the most like the job market and student loans.

"I'm worried about you getting a job and fixing the economy and running again like it ought to be" Kasich said. "I like the community service idea that you can work off some of that debt by doing something to help building our communities."

The presidential hopeful also talked about the Flint water crisis and how he thinks Governor Snyder is dealing with the issue.

"I think Snyder is probably working day and night and probably not even sleeping trying to get on top of this thing and try to fix it. It's a challenge but water is important and clean water is important" Kasich said.

He also mentioned how he thinks the federal government should help the city and its infrastructure.

"The other challenge that we have besides what happened in Flint, is the aging infrastructure in this country," Kasich said. "And it's something we have to think about as we go forward here the 21st century."

At the core of his speech, he was reaching out to everyone in the audience and hoping for them to reach their full potential.

"Whatever you're going to do in life, remember you need to be part of changing the world and helping somebody else to get up" Kasich said,

MSU Junior, Karl Schneider, was divided on who he was going to vote for, democrat front running, Hillary Clinton, and the Ohio governor.

But after attending the Monday event he made a decision.

"I think what distinguishes him is he has experience at every single level and I think his experience with compromising is more robust than Clinton" said Schneider.

Before speaking at Michigan State University, the presidential candidate held a town hall style event with students at Grand Valley State University. On his last day in Michigan, Kasich will host a town hall in Livonia.