National TV show comes to the Demmer Center, Q&A

National TV show comes to the Demmer Center
National TV show comes to the Demmer Center
Posted at 5:48 PM, Feb 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-05 10:08:18-05

Q&A with Michael Galella from the Demmer Center about the upcoming visit from American Marksman.


Q: Can you tell me a little bit about the Demmer Center?

A: The Demmer Center is a shooting sports education and training center for pistols, rifles and archery. We have two state of the art indoor ranges for fire arms. We also have 5 archery ranges, indoor and outdoor, a 3D range, a beginning range for kids and a competition range where you can shoot up to 90 meters.

Q: What programs do you offer?

A: We offer many different programs, a Junior Olympic Archery Development Program, a Junior Archery Program for kids, a ladies only program, beginning archery program, basic pistol certification and basic pistol license program.

Q: What is your affiliation with the Olympics?

A: The US Olympics has designated the Demmer Center as a Community Olympic Development Program and Paralympic Sports Club. us shooting for pistol and rifle shooting, certified training center

Q: Do your instructors have special training?

A: The instructors are certified through USA Archery or USA Shooting Coaches and NRA certified instructors.

Q: The national television show American Marksman is coming to the Demmer Center, how did this happen?

A: This took a year to put together the television show and get accepted. We had to go through an application process and then we got approved by the Outdoor Channel which is where the show is going to air. January through February is registration for people who are average shooters. Ranked or professional shooters are not allowed to shoot, this is a competition for average pistol and rifle shooters.

Q: Are there different categories for the competition?

A: There is a men's and women's category, a category for children and a law enforcement/military category. The prize is $50,000 for the winner.

Q: When does the actual competition start?

A: March 1 through May 31 the competitors will shoot for qualifiers. The competition starts at a local level with an attempt to advance to regionals and ultimately the national championship event.

Q: What does this mean to the community?

A: The community and neighboring states will be able to participate in an average shooting event, shooting their guns or our guns, it is a friendly competition on a reality television show. This is the first time for the show to air, we are thrilled that they are coming to the Demmer Center.

Q: How do you register for the competition?

A: You can visit the Demmer Center website to apply, there will be a link to the American Marksman website with all of the details you need to know along with a list of frequently asked questions. You can also find the information on our Facebook page.