MSU welcomes international students

Posted at 7:27 AM, Oct 02, 2017

Each year Michigan State University accepts over 1,000 students from all the world.
And Sunday the city of East Lansing partnered with MSU, hosted their 8th annual "East Lansing Welcomes to World" event

FOX 47's Alani Letang was there speaking with students, about how this event made them feel more welcomed.

Manasi Mishra is from India and works at MSU School of Business, she said this event, "definitely makes us feel like a little bit like a part of the community."

A community that Michigan State University officials says they pride themselves on being open and caring. To not just students but their family's as well.

"It's a nice message that we are welcomed and we can come here and interact with the residents who we otherwise don't meet" Mishra said.

The director for the Office of International Students and Scholars, James Dorsett says that the welcoming attitude is all over campus.

"The library has a lot of ongoing events to support international students, they have a variety of programs for them for students, for families" said James Dorsett, Director Office of International Students and Scholars.

International students tell us that East Lansing is a welcoming city, and they first came to America because it was a land of opportunity and a vision of hope for them. But in light of President Trump's recent immigration policies, they tell Alani Letang their vision of America has changed.

"People are welcomed here from all over the world, more than any other place in the world, but that is definitely not the case anymore" said Mishra.

Molade Osibodu is from Nigeria, and she is going to MSU to pursue a PhD in Mathematics Education, she adds"Its done out of hate and I do not believe it's done out of a valid reason."

The students also say that because of these recent policy changes it's affecting a lot of people's decision to come to the US, if not at all
But Dorsett tells us that international students have so much to offer to the East Lansing community,

"Even though those people look different from me, and they talk different from me, they do many things the same way that we do and maybe we can have some things we can learn from them" said Dorsett.

For more information for international students and families, click here.