MSU professor to develop app for diabetes

Posted at 12:57 PM, Mar 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-07 12:57:04-05

Bree Holtz, Michigan State University assistant professor, has received an American Diabetes Association Innovative Clinical or Transitional Science award totaling $590,544 to allow her to conduct research for adolescents with Type-1 diabetes.

According to Holtz, her team will create a cell phone app that will allow diabetes patients to transition to self-management. Ultimately, the app seeks to teach adolescents how to manage their diabetes and how to improve communication with their parents.

“Dr. Holtz is passionate about this research, and I know the grant will make a difference in these families lives,” Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Prabu David said. “The research done by our Comm Arts and Sciences staff creates new breakthroughs daily for many different communities, and I am confident this project will do wonderful things for the Type-1 diabetes community.”

Holtz’s MSU team includes Shelia Cotten, Denise Hershey, Amanda Holmstrom, Amol Pavangadkar and Katharine Murray. Additional researchers include Julie Dunneback, from Sparrow Health Systems; Michael Wood, from the University of Michigan Medical School; and Joshua Richman, from the University of Alabama School of Medicine.

For more information about the grant or to learn more about the research project, email Dr. Holtz at