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MSU fans will have to find a new tailgating spot

Posted at 6:41 AM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 06:41:40-04

There are three key elements to a good tailgate: good food, good drinks and a good venue.

When Michigan State hosts Northwestern this homecoming weekend, their fans will have to find somewhere else to party.

During the week, Munn Field stays mostly empty. It will stay that way during most Saturdays as well.

In August, MSU decided to no longer allow tailgate parking on the field.

"Sometimes in foul weather, there's mud and tire ruts in the grass area," said MSU Police Capt. Doug Monette.

Officials see this as a threat to the field, which is only meant to be a place for intramural athletics. But they are also hoping the change will make things a bit easier for Spartans fans.

"There are strategies that we're utilizing to get people on and off the field, and maximize the efficiency of bringing people on and off campus," said Monette.

It's a change that officials have talked about before, but one they finally acted on this year. They're confident that the new location will be beneficial not only for athletics, but for fans as well.

"Football Saturday is a family-oriented event; we encourage the family friendliness," said Monette. "With homecoming this weekend, it'll be a great success, and a great way for people to come back, meet family, old friends, and make new acquaintances."

So where can fans go to party?

University officials say they can take their burgers, beers and brats from Munn Field to Cherry Lane Park, just a few minutes down the road from Spartan Stadium.

Don't worry, Spartan fans, there's plenty of room to enjoy a good tailgate.