MSU crews prepared for winter storm

Posted at 6:12 PM, Dec 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 07:08:48-05

"This weekend we had all hands on deck coming in for campus," Adam Lawver with MSU Landscape Services said.

And they've got a lot of ground to cover: 57 miles of road, more than 100 miles of sidewalk and 25 thousand parking spaces. But students say the crews do a good job of keeping the snow off the paths.

"When I go to and from class I'd say the roads are pretty clear," Brandon Henry, a freshman at MSU said.

"I think they actually do a pretty good job around here on campus," Connor Moes, a senior at MSU said.

That's because the crews are always on call.

"We just have 24/7 eyes on the roads and the sidewalks,” Matt Bailey with MSU Landscape Services said. “And we work together to make this a safe place."

One way they do that is with geothermal technology. It's installed in certain handicap parking spots and entrance ways. It helps keep the ground warm and melt the snow.

"And they're great for us for snow removal because there's no snow on them," Lawver said.

They're also good for the people who use those handicap spots.
"It's a lot safer for people to walk on, they don't slip,” Moes said. “People don't twist an ankle and fall and hurt themselves."

Crews salt and plow too, but they also prepare in advance.

"We took a lot of preventative measures that a lot of people just don't see," Bailey said.

One of those measures is coating the pavement with a mixture they call brine. It stops the snow from sticking to the ground. They also have bags of salt in the entrance ways of buildings for anyone to sprinkle on the sidewalks.

"It's really a community effort," Lawver said.

And although they keep the roads clear, they do encourage people to prepare themselves.
"Encourage folks to be careful, wear sensible shoes,” Lawver said. “Plan your commute ahead of time."

Hopefully these preparations will keep everyone safe.