Lansing Catholic senior paying for college with caddy scholarship

With college tuition always increasing, higher education has become more of a luxury rather than an option for many.

But there are scholarships out there - you just have to know where to find them.

As is the case for William Meaton, some of them require learning a new skill.

Meaton earned a full ride scholarship to Michigan State University's as an Evans Scholar, which was awarded for his high school grades, strong character and caddy record.

"I stood up in front of all of them," Meaton said about his application process. "There's probably 80 board members and they ask you questions. 'How did you get started in caddying? What are your future plans?' Things like that."

Meaton knew of the Evans program early in his high school career, so he began caddying. He picked up the bag only three years ago. The acquired skill means no undergraduate debt which is a luxury not lost on him.

"It hasn't sunk in really yet and i greatly appreciate this," Meaton said. "My older sister who has a residency at UM right now, she has over $250,000 of student debt and she's going to have to be paying that off for 10, 15, 20 years. So it's a huge thing."

A soccer and baseball player at Lansing Catholic, Will himself is a long-time golfer. But the caddy role, he admits, is challenging.

Once on campus, Meaton plans on going pre-med, potentially majoring in biomedical engineering.

What he's learned on the bag has turned out to be more than just tuition. His career aspirations sound similar to the caddie experience -- certainly of no coincidence.

"I enjoy learning about the person because each golfer is a different person. Throughout 18 holes and about four hours it takes, you really get to know the person and build a good relationship."

Meaton said he can't wait to get started at his dream school: MSU. He said it's the only school he applied to.