Enemies unite in rivalry tailgate

Posted at 1:37 PM, Oct 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-20 13:37:47-04

Tents were up before the sun. Students are waking up from a cold, dedicated slumber. It's a day that Spartans wait two years to experience: the day the Michigan Wolverines come to town. Today, the annual battle for the Paul Bunyan trophy is the only thing on most fans' minds. Some are in enemy territory, showing some loyalty for the guys they cheer for.

"We've been coming up here to watch the boys play and take them on, said Tom, wearing a Wolverines pullover. "During the games without Michigan, I'm a Michigan State Guy. Even though my money is green, my heart is true blue. I have two daughters that graduated from Michigan State. Other than that, Michigan's going to take care of business, right Ron?"

"No," said Ron.

"What do you mean, no?"

Like Tom, Wolverine fans are hopeful that their team will swing momentum in their direction. Tom is one of the few that have a rooting interest in both teams...finding himself in a win-win situation. Ron and Tom, like many, make sure to stay heavily involved with their teams.

"When we're not at the Michigan games, we're up here supporting the Spartans," said Tom

"I tailgate every game here," added Ron.

Both teams found themselves in the top 25 heading into the game...and despite the rankings, with Michigan at 6 and the Spartans at 24, fans are sure that it will be a close game.

"True Blue. Go Blue! We're going to take them today," said Tom.

"We're going to win, 20-17," countered Ron.

Sadly, only one of them can be right today.