Cotton Bowl game on NYE means wild night for EL

Posted: 8:34 AM, Dec 31, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-31 08:34:45-05

Michigan State students tend to go a little crazy when their football team wins.

The Spartans' next game is arguably the biggest of the season - and it happens to fall on New Year's Eve.

"If we win, it's going to be nuts," Michael Miner, an MSU junior, said. He lives near Cedar Village, an area of student housing notorious for burning couches and, inexplicably, throwing bagels after big State sports wins.

"Cedar Village is the place to be. If you want to get in part of the action, this is definitely the place to be," Junior Capri Terry said. She says she's probably the only MSU student who won't be watching the game. She just isn't into football.

The game has changed many New Year's plans, and not just for the people who traveled to Arlington to watch Michigan State take on Alabama in the Cotton Bowl playoff game.

"Some friends are coming over to hang out and of course watch the game," Sophomore Melaina Behren said. "I took the New Year's Day early shift just so I could watch football."

Other students are planning to watch the game at bars and combine traditional New Year's Eve partying with football.

As far as whether a Spartan win will mean couches dragged out into the street and lit on fire, students were generally in agreement.

"It is Cedar Village, you can never count that out," Miner said.

"Cedar Village is crazy for every MSU game, so I'm pretty sure it's gonna be wild," Terry said.

"It's between that and the bagel tossing," Behren said. "I heard last year there was even some scooters burning, so I guess we'll see."