Conquer Business Accelerator launches at MSU

Conquer Business Accelerator launches at MSU
Posted at 11:02 AM, Dec 10, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-10 11:02:33-05

The Conquer Accelerator program at Michigan State University is now accepting applications for its first intensive summer series.

Conquer emphasizes smart planning and growth, extensive mentorship from an experienced bench of professionals, and structured educational components to both new and established companies. Any qualifying business or group of students may apply to join Conquer.

“The Conquer Accelerator acts as a final launching platform for startups from MSU and beyond, preparing companies to hit the ground running,” Paul Jaques, Conquer Accelerator director said. “Our program will put the finishing touches on startup teams and prep them for investment.”

Accepted teams will work through a 10-week program starting May 2016. Five teams will be accepted and given $20,000, mentorship, a creative working space, support and resources to enable them to grow their startup company in exchange for 5 percent equity.

Ideal student Conquer candidates will have worked through programs like the MSU Hive, Hatch program, taken Business 201 or a similar class and be prepared to pitch in business competitions. Companies not affiliated with MSU that wish to participate in the program must have a product prototype or service, and meet a set of development criteria.

The 2016 program runs from May 30 through Aug. 5. Applications and more information may be found on

Source: MSU Today