Community reacts to MSU football sex assault charges

Posted at 7:37 AM, Jun 06, 2017

Students say they're glad to hear charges are being filed against three MSU football players accused of sexual assault

"It's good that it's actually coming to light and it's not actually being hidden or anything," Christopher Truszkowski, an MSU student said.

"That does I guess feel like justice," Megan Kastelen, an MSU alumni.

That's Megan Kastelen, an MSU alumni. She says the whole investigation has left her feeling uncomfortable and unsafe on campus.

"I feel like my voice isn't getting heard as a woman, as a female on campus,” Kastelen said. Which is really scary. Like who do you know that you can turn to? Especially when you're going up against something like the athletics department?"

Megha Erappa is in the same boat. She's an international student...

“It definitely questions my situation,” Erappa said. “If I actually made a good choice coming into the country or coming into the university."

Truszkowski believes campus is still a safe place. And that the university handled the investigation well.

"I think the school does a relatively good job when it comes to sexual assaults,” Truszkowski said. “We're notified whenever it happens."

Some students say it's left a bad image for the university. A lot of students are big fans of the football program... But some won't let this alleged sex assault change their views on their school or their athletics.

"I still love MSU football," Allie Soule said.

We also had a chance to talk with students about a separate investigation released earlier today.

The university hired a law firm to investigate how the football program handles sexual assaults.

That report says head coach Mark Dantonio was approached by a player who told him there was a woman he needed to help,

The player didn't go into specific details on when... Where... Or who was involved.

Dantonio said at that time, he contacted authorities immediately. That's a move that's earned respect from the community.

"He is a role model and especially men and boys at the school,” Kastelen said. “So for him to take the right course of action, I have mad respect for that."

"For him to be able to stand up to his players and be like ok I'll call the police, that's a big step," Alexandra Ruiz, an MSU student said.

The report concluded all current MSU football and athletic staff followed procedures and did not impede the investigation in any way.