Community reaction: Closing of historic MSU Women's Study Lounge

Posted at 2:07 PM, Jul 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-26 14:07:58-04

The Women's Study Lounge at the MSU Student Union is described as a "safe place for women" by many feminists and students on campus.

The historic lounge for women, dating back to 1925 is temporarily closed this summer and will reopen in August 2016 as a co-ed lounge and study space. 

According to a Detroit Free Press article, the university is transforming this lounge to comply with federal civil rights laws, including Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination or favoritism in public educational institutions. 

We went to MSU's camps to get the opinions from students about the lounge's transformation. Watch the community reaction in the video above.

Some students on Twitter expressed their opinions of the lounge's transformation and feel that the university is taking away one of the only women-only spaces on campus. Student Alyssa Maturen is circulating an online petition to keep the lounge women-only. The petition has already had 4,858 signers as of July 26. 

University spokesman, Jason Cody denied the statement that the lounge is being closed because of a complaint filed by a University of Michigan Flint professor, Mark Perry. He said MSU was planning on transforming the lounge before the complaint was filed, according to the Detroit Free Press. 

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