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Walmart has weighted blankets on sale for as low as $25

Posted at 11:10 AM, Nov 14, 2019

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If a weighted blanket is on your holiday wish list — or on the list of someone you’re shopping for — Walmart is having a great deal you’ll want to check out.

Now, for a limited time, NEX Cotton Luxury Gravity Weighted Blankets — regularly priced at $56.99 or higher — are available for as low as $24.99.

The blankets are available in weights from 10 to 20 pounds and sizes range from 40-by-60 inches to 60-by-80 inches, with the largest size being the equivalent of a standard queen-size comforter.


The lowest-priced blanket at $24.99 measures 40 inches by 60 inches, weighs 10 pounds and is a charcoal gray color. A blanket of the same size, but with some extra weight at 15 pounds, costs $31.99 (regularly $69.99).

The next size up measures 60-by-80 inches and weighs 15 pounds. It will cost you $39.99, down from the regular price of $74.99. The comforter-sized 60-by-80 blanket, which weighs 20 pounds, is also on sale for $49.99, regularly $127 — a 60% savings!


Not familiar with weighted blankets? They use deep pressure stimulation — or, put more simply, weight and gentle pressure — to help improve your sleep. The feeling is akin to a warm hug, and researchers are finding that for some, weighted blankets help with symptoms associated with anxiety, insomnia and even autism.

The blankets on sale are evenly distributed with hypoallergenic, non-toxic, fragrance-free beads. It’s recommended that you purchase a blanket that’s 10% of your total body weight so that it gives you enough pressure, but not too much.

The blanket does not include a duvet cover, but any duvet cover in the same size of the blanket should work fine.


The sale could end at any time, so be sure to order one soon if it’s on your wish list! Have you been wanting to try a weighted blanket for better sleep?

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