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How to get velvet nails at home

How To Get Velvet Nails At Home
Posted at 10:45 AM, Nov 11, 2022

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From butterfly nails to dip powder kits to gel manicures, a polished set of nails can act as a major confidence boost. But it’s not just about looking good or being on trend; a manicure is also a way to express personal style and creativity. That’s why when a new nail craze sweeps through the nation, we get pretty excited. And this latest nail evolution, velvet nails, uses a touch of science to add a “wow” factor that sends us over the moon!

Velvet nails aren’t actually velvet. It only looks that way because of their glistening, fuzzy appearance. It’s actually an optical illusion that tricks the eye based on how the light bounces off the polish. The dimensional, shimmery effect won’t leave you looking like you’ve dipped your hands in glitter either. It’s more sophisticated than that. Velvet nails usually consist of an opaque base color with a shimmer that’s a few shades lighter, which can create an effect much like what you see in a tiger’s eye stone.

Luckily, this look doesn’t take much to pull off as long as you work slowly and carefully. We’ve gathered everything you need to pull this trend off at home.

Velvet Nail Manicure

How To Create The Velvet Nails Look

First, you’re going to have to pick up the right nail polish. You’re not looking for the average shimmery polish, though. You need magnetic nail polish. This type of nail polish provides a textured effect from iron oxide particles in the polish, which are “activated” by a magnet in the cap of the bottle.

Coat your nails with a base coat and then apply the first layer of magnetic polish. Coat one nail and then hold the magnetic “wand”  to each corner of your nail for a few seconds. You’ll be able to see the metallic particles getting pulled up, as they are slightly darker than the polish color. Let dry. Then repeat on each nail, using the magnet on all sides of your nail after each layer. Finish with a top coat. Hold the wand over each nail again to lock in the look.

The nails must be wet when you’re using the magnet, so don’t let them dry before you do that part. You’ll need to work on your nails one at a time. Overall, creating velvet nails extends your manicure time by several minutes — but it’s worth the extra time.

It might be hard to find magnetic nail polish in stores because until recently it was only available in salons, but, lucky for us, there are now a few products available on Amazon.

Ideal Swan 8 Piece Nail Magnet Tool Set ($9.99)

velvet nails magnet tool set

To create the velvet nails look, you need a magnetic wand, and this 8-piece set will have you covered. It includes several different styling wands to help you make magic. The manufacturer recommends holding the wand for 5-10 seconds over each nail for best results.

This kit has more than 1,350 global ratings and an average of 4.2 out of 5 stars. People liked how strong the magnets were and liked how many different options they had for creating nail art. Get the set for $9.99.

Allenbelle Magnet Get Nail Polish ($13.49)

allenbelle magnetic nail polish

Get velvet nails at home with this set of six magnetic gel nail polishes made of non-toxic materials and resin. It comes with a magnetic stick. Because this is a gel kit, you’ll also need a UV or LED lamp to cure the nails between coats.

This kit averages 4.3 out of 5 stars and has more than 2,800 global ratings. People found the polish long-lasting and easy to use.

Reviewer Lacy chupp found this set amazing and said, “I was second guessing buying it until I read the reviews. I was a little hesitant on how it would turn out. After reading reviews I decided to try it. SO glad I did!! I absolutely LOVE it!! Works really well and super easy to use!”

Born Pretty Magnetic Gel Polish Set ($19.99)

Born Pretty Magnetic Gel Set

Achieve an icy silver shimmer with this set of six bottles of magnetic gel polish. The company claims the polish, which isn’t made with harsh ingredients, will last for more than 21 days without chipping. While this set from Born Pretty comes with a magnetic stick, you will need a UV/LED lamp to set the polish.

To use, apply the base coat and cure it. Then add the magnetic gel and hold the stick for 5-8 seconds over the nail. Then cure your look. Finally, apply the top coat and cure for 60 seconds. There are several color palettes to choose from; get one of them for $19.99. This product has a 4.3 out of 5-star rating with more than 1,700 reviews.

Born Pretty Magnetic Chameleon Nail Polish ($18.99)

Born Pretty Lacquer Velvet Nail Set

If gel nail polish isn’t your cup of tea, you can still get the look with traditional nail polish. For $18.99, this kit from Born Pretty includes three chameleon colors, a base polish and a magnet stick. The low-odor lacquer polish is non-toxic and has no harsh ingredients or adhesives. Users loved how they didn’t have to soak this polish off their nails, which is required with gel polish removal.

The product has a 4 out of 5-star rating with almost 6,000 ratings. User Kathryn said, “This polish is amazing … never seen anything like it. Worth it for sure.”

Velvet Nail Art Varnish Set from Major Dijit ($9.99)

Velvet Nail Art Kit

Create a sparkly holographic-looking manicure with this set that contains one bottle of magnetic gel polish and a wand. While you will need a UV or LED light to cure, you can use this polish with any type of gel base coat. You’ll want to add a base color of your choice, since the silver cat-eye gel is very sheer.

Awarded as “Amazon’s Choice for Velvet Nails,” this kit is very affordable at only $9.99. It’s created with low-odor and low-irritation ingredients and can last up to two weeks. We like that there’s a 30-day refund policy if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

This set has a 4.5-star rating with more than 600 users weighing it. Reviewers like that it is easy to use and provides the perfect velvet nails effect.

Do you see yourself creating velvet nails at home this winter?

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