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People Are Turning Empty White Claw Cans Into Pretty Candles

People Are Turning Empty White Claw Cans Into Pretty Candles
Posted at 10:45 AM, Nov 24, 2019

The people’s love of White Claw is powerful. Now that the summer party season is a distant memory, folks are finding new ways to keep the flame burning. Literally.

Crafters on Etsy are now turning White Claw cans into cheeky candles. If you or someone on your holiday shopping list loves hard seltzer, these could be a hit!

It’s a simple enough idea: Cut off the top of an empty can and fill it with wax and a wick. Many of the candlemakers offer traditional scents, like sandalwood or lavender, but some have options to make your candle-scent match the Claw flavor on the can!


Alexandra’s Soy Candles is one of those Etsy sellers, offering fruity scents like the ones in the seltzers, plus non-Claw fragrances. The candles are $15 each, and orders over $35 get free shipping.

Another candlemaker, Wayward Saints, uses the White Claw can designs to make prayer candles like the ones you’d see in a church or on a home altar.

Etsy/Wayward Saints

The set of five unscented candles sells for $60 and includes shipping.

If candles aren’t of interest, Etsy’s merchants have alternatives for the Claw connoisseurs in your life, from koozies to coasters. For added holiday spirit, there’s even an ugly Christmas sweatshirt that adapts the “ain’t no laws when you’re drinkin’ Claws” battle cry:



The sweatshirt starts at $19.95 and comes in a few color options.

These festive “Santa Claws” T-shirts, by Mary Evans Boutique, are a solid choice for the party people in warmer climates.

Etsy/Mary Evans Boutique

They start at $23; add another trinket from the same shop and you get free shipping at $35.

Looks like there are many creative ways to celebrate White Claw, even when you’re not drinking it. Yearning for a vacation on a gloomy day? Cuddle up in your White Claw sweatshirt. Got to be up early in the morning and shouldn’t drink? Rep the Claw on your holiday tee and stay proudly sober.

Got motive and opportunity, but you’re out of Claws? Light the flame of the Claw in honor of drinks drank, and those yet to be drunk.

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