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This Video Of A Baby Having A Full Conversation With His Dad Is Going Viral

This Video Of A Baby Having A Full Conversation With His Dad Is Going Viral
Posted at 8:40 AM, Jun 11, 2019

Kids say the darndest things, even before they can really talk. Just take a look at this viral video of a toddler chatting it up with his dad while the pair watches TV together.

In the minute-long Facebook video posted by Shanieke Pryor on June 4, her husband, Deztin, and their youngest son, Kingston, watch TV together. Kingston seems to understand and talk back to his dad about the episode they’re viewing.

“Only this child!! Having a full-fledged conversation with Daddy and Daddy is just as bad🤣🤣
#TheseTwoAreAMess #OurHouseisAlwaysFullofLaughter #MrPersonality #HeNeedsHisOwnShow #KingstonJierre #KJP,” commented Shanieke on the video.

At the start of the clip, the father asks his son, “Did you understand it though?”

And Kingston immediately says no, shaking his head.

The conversation only goes on from there:

Kingston’s animated facial expressions and quick responses to his dad caught on with viewers. The video had around 56 million views as of June 10.

In a CNN interview, Deztin explained that he was watching the season finale of “Empire” when he noticed Kingston was watching his reactions to the show. He climbed up on the couch, and his mom, Shanieke, captured the two “discussing” the episode together.

Deztin is an actor and comedian and, apparently, his youngest son is just as outgoing and expressive. While there were many comments on the video regarding how cute it all was, many also commended Deztin for keeping the conversation going with Kingston.

“I am so glad we were able to share with the world the joy & laughter our son brings in our lives each and every day!” wrote mom Shanieke in a follow-up post on June 7.

In his own post about the video going viral, Deztin writes, “I’m Proud Of The Video Because It’s a Salute To All The Active FATHERS!!! Especially us black FATHERS who get a bad rep in the media a lot of the times.”

Studies show it’s important to not only talk to your children a lot but to have a conversation with them. This dad succeeded at both.

The Follow-Up: A Denny’s Commercial

Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

That video opened a few doors for father and son. Denny’s actually filmed a commercial, in which Deztin and Kingston have a chat in a booth. Naturally, they’re eating the restaurant chain’s pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs. It’s just as cute as the first viral video, of course.

Little Kingston bats some straws around while babbling (maybe?) about his favorite cartoon. He even feeds his dad some bacon. “That is good bacon,” Deztin says. Because of course, he does.

The video ends with Kingston giving his dad a long hug as the scene is overlaid with the words, “Booths were made for quality time with dad.”

“Is that your grand finale?” Deztin says, referencing their previous viral video. “You buttered me up. You won me over.”

In his personal post announcing the ad, Deztin Pryor wrote, “Shouts out to Denny’s for the collaboration of promoting positivity in the world and showcasing Fathers connecting with our children having a booth chat.”

The video has been getting a positive reaction from the father-son pair’s new fans.

“I gotta say Denny’s, at first I was 🙄 that you leveraged a beautiful and viral father-son duo for commercial gain, but by the end of the ad I was so touched and you captured and wrapped their essence so well and hit the mark on Father’s Day that it just works. Well done!!!” one Facebook commenter, Anisha Raghavan, said.

On his Instagram, Deztin has been promoting a behind-the-scenes look that he plans to post to his YouTube page in the coming weeks. We can’t wait!

The Family Pryor

The elder Pryor, who professionally goes by DJ, is a stand-up comedian whose career may definitely be getting a bump from these appearances with his son. For example, he posted this image on his Instagram page while on tour:

Also, there’s an older son! Jabari is an eight-year-old boy, who is a budding entertainer with two short films already under his belt.

Here’s an image from Pryor’s Instagram showing him with Jabari.

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All I Can Say Is WOW!!!……..8 Years Ago You Made Me A Father, I Remember Holding You For The First Time In That Hospital Room And Looking At How Perfect You Were (you were innocent then lol). I’ve Accomplished A lot but Absolutely Nothing Compares To The Joy Of Being Your Father! Son Daddy Loves You So Very Much and No Matter How Old You Get Or Where You Go In The World You Know You’ll Always Be Able To Run Into Your Fathers Arms! I Got Ya For Life Kid! Nothing But Greatness Will Come From YOU! Remember that because you’re a KING 🤴 So The Turn Up Shall Continue Today! H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y S O N ! ! ! Love You, Sincerely Dad. #IHaveAn8YearOld #DizThaKid #TheTurnUpContinues #RaisingKings #MyTwin #MyHomie #JabariPryor #IGotYourBackForLifeKid

A post shared by DJ PRYOR (@comediandjpryor) on

Could all this publicity be a big break for the male members of the handsome Pryor clan?

One of the comments on the above post from @hi_ejram_ noted, “Posting that video with your child gave you this break. Finally, the world discovered you.”

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The Other Night I Brought My Kids Out On Stage At The End Of My Show. (Both Of Their Expressions In this pic make me Laugh 😂) ————————————————— ME & THE HOMIES JABARI & KINGSTON! One Of The Best Things I Can Do As A Father Is Showing My Boys The Definition Of Hard Work!!! They won’t just hear about how hard Daddy worked to get where he is but they would have witnessed it first hand. I won’t rob them of inspiration. These are the moments I live for and one day I’ll pass the torch too men!!! And I’ll be old and sexy 😂😂😂😂 R E A L F A T H E R S A R E H E R E ————————————————— Completely Changing The Narrative These PRYOR Boys 💪🏾💪🏾💯💯 Daddy Loves You Guys!!! @lasewod_photography captured this amazing moment 📸 GO CHECK HIM OUT!!!! Thank You For The Memory. #PRYORGUYS #JABARIandKINGSTONPRYOR #TrainingThemNow #IWontRaiseLazyMen #MyKidsAreWorldChangers #RaisingTwoKINGS #TheyLookLikeDadHurryUpWithYourSpeech😂😂😂 #TakeYourKidsToWorkDayOrNight😂 #KingstonLooksSoSleepy #JabariLooksLikeDoWeHaveDoThis?? #StandingNextToAndHoldingMyGreatestAchievements #LovingTheseMoments #ImJustPlainOleDaddyToThem #IMakeDiaperBagsLookKool

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We definitely think we’ll be seeing more of this cute and charismatic family.

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