This Slushie Machine Is Exactly What You Need For Summer Parties

Posted: 1:26 PM, Jul 02, 2019
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This Slushie Machine Is Exactly What You Need For Summer Parties

Summer is better with a chilled beverage in-hand, and thanks to this kitchen gadget, you’re going to have the best summer yet. Online retailer Firebox is selling a Slush Puppie Machine that will turn your favorite juices and more into the perfect slushie consistency — just like the ones you bought at gas stations on long summer road trips as a kid.

The slushie machine isn’t much larger than your countertop blender and will easily sit atop your counter in the kitchen or on an outdoor table by the pool, perhaps. That way,  you won’t have to reach far to create an icy treat to sip on in the heat!

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According to the product description, all you need is ice, table salt, and a liquid — juice , syrup, vodka (for the adults out there) — to create a delicious slushie treat.

The Slush Puppie Machine retails for $50.99 , and considering how much use you’ll get out of this thing during the summer months, it’s worth every penny:

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Based on the reviews, people love how quickly and evenly this machine whips up ice for delicious slushies:

“Fantastic machine. Very easy to use and it makes great tasting slushes very quickly,” one review reads on the Firebox website.

Another reviewer joked that these are so good, but you may not remember them the next day.

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“[I]ts good with vodka think dont remember much, it spins,” the review reads. Well, vodka has a tendency to do that, after all. So, be sure to enjoy your alcohol-based slushies responsibly!

Firebox isn’t the only retailer carrying products that will keep you cool this summer, either. You can also find slushie machines and snow cone makers online through Amazon.

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The Nostalgia Vintage Snow Cone Maker is sure to have you feeling like a kid again. It gets ice to the right consistency to shape perfectly molded snow cones — just like the ones you loved when you were young. It’s available for $29.99 on Amazon :

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There’s also this Margaritaville Bahamas Frozen Concoction Maker with No-Brainer Mixer, which is far from your average blender . It shaves and blends ice to create the perfect consistency for pitchers of frozen margaritas, daiquiris, and more this summer.

It’s available for $159.99 on Amazon :

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Once you’ve picked out a machine that will help you make slushies all summer long, you’ll have to test out recipes for wine slushies , frozen blue lemonade vodka slushies , Coke slushies, and so much more. Or better yet, why not try them all?!

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Consider this purchase the official kickoff to summer, and well — let the slushie sipping begin!

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