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This New Monopoly Has A Voice-controlled Bank And Doesn’t Use Any Cash

This New Monopoly Has A Voice-controlled Bank And Doesn’t Use Any Cash
Posted at 3:49 PM, Jun 24, 2019

These days, everything is going digital, and that includes the board game Monopoly. The latest version of the classic game has a voice-controlled electronic banking board, which means you can no longer obsessively riffle through the stacks of faux paper money that came with past iterations of the game.

Instead, the automated banker now keeps track of all your transactions. In much the same way you relay instructions to Alexa or Siri to set an alarm or play a song, players will now give voice commands to Mr. Monopoly in order to make purchases, sales and payments.

Monopoly Voice Banking will be available for purchase as of July 1, and you can preorder it from Walmart now for $29.92. You’ll need three AA batteries to operate the voice-activated top hat that serves as Mr. Monopoly. The game is designed for two to four players.

Monopoly Voice Banking also includes a few other changes, such as the elimination of six properties and the ability to purchase utilities and railroads. The game is faster than past iterations, and it’s completely cashless as well as cardless.


“Voice activated and voice recognition products are now part of our everyday lives and we’re excited to bring Monopoly into this ever-growing trend and give fans a new way to experience the classic game,” Jen Boswinkel, senior director of global brand strategy and marketing for Monopoly, told Business Insider.

Because everything is electronic, it’s a lot harder for cheaters to hide. If you’re the type to bend the rules, beware!

The staff at Business Insider tried out the game and found it a lot more difficult to keep track of how much money they had without physically holding onto it.

“Without the stack of money in front of them, even the best of Monopoly players will need to find new ways to strategize to own it all and win the game,” said Boswinkel.

Will you give the new and improved Monopoly a try?

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