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This Giant Heath Ice Cream Cake Serves 9 People

This Giant Heath Ice Cream Cake Serves 9 People
Posted at 9:30 AM, Jul 26, 2019

An ice cream cake is the perfect treat to celebrate any summertime special occasion. If you have a birthday or any other event coming up — or even if you just want to celebrate the gloriousness that is summer —you have to snag one of these yummy Heath Ice Cream Cakes.

It’s made by Rich Products and features the delicious chocolate and toffee crunch of Heath Milk Chocolate English Toffee Bars paired with creamy vanilla ice cream. It’s also topped with chocolate whipped icing and Hershey’s chocolate syrup drizzle. This tasty frozen treat serves nine people, so it’s great for sharing with friends.

Rich Products Corporation

The Heath Ice Cream Cake can be found at grocery stores nationwide, including Shop Rite, Publix, Stop & Shop, Meijer, Tops, Market Basket, Acme and Hy-Vee. You can use this product locator to find it at a store near you. The ice cream cake retails for around $15.99.

Instagrammer @theimpulsive buy spotted this one at Publix on sale for a dollar lower than the national retail price:

This one was also spotted at a Publix in Hoover, Alabama. The finder was @plainchicken, who was totally excited by her find. “YASSS🙌🏻I can’t think of a better way to start the weekend,” she posted.

“Heath is one of the most sought-after ingredient mix-ins at ice cream chips across the country, so creating this new Heath ice cream cake, the only one of its kind, is a product we know consumers will crave,” Kimberly O’Brien, shopper marketing manager of the in-store bakery & deli division at Rich Products, said in a press release.

Instagrammer @georgevial1 shows off a new look for the long-beloved candy bar here:

Heath Bars were invented in 1928 by brothers Bayard and Everett Heath of Robinson, Illinois. Today, the candy bars are still made there.

Candy bars and ice cream are a natural pairing, and this is not the first time that Heath Bars have been combined with a frozen dairy product. In 1958, the Heath Toffee Ice Cream Bar debuted.

If you don’t want to buy a Heath Bar ice cream cake, or can’t find one near you, there are plenty of recipes for making one yourself, right in your own kitchen.

For example, this Caramel Pecan Ice Cream Cake from Carlsbad Cravings uses Heath Bar ice cream, caramel sauce and a pecan crust. You’ll bake the crust before the ice cream goes on.

Meanwhile, another recipe from Gimme Some Oven actually uses two retail favorites in one recipe. Crushed Oreos make up the crust, and you can use either toffee ice cream or Heath Bar ice cream to create the filling. It’s an easy, no-bake recipe where most of the work comes from processing the Oreo crumbs.

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Another way to get your Heath Bar fix this summer is with Heath-flavored coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Here’s a picture of one from a local Dunkin in Patterson, New York.

You can enjoy it hot or iced, in espresso drinks and in frozen coffee and frozen chocolate. It’s available through Aug. 20. The coffee chain is also offering Kit Kat and Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme-flavored products this summer.


Sounds like a party in the making! But maybe we’ll eat this whole thing ourselves…

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