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This Company Has Two Adorable Office Kittens Named Debit And Credit

This Company Has Two Adorable Office Kittens Named Debit And Credit
Posted at 2:27 PM, Jul 05, 2019

Having a pet in the office can certainly make the days less dreary. Even a colorful fish or two adds life to a bland collection of cubicles. But what if your office had a cat? Or better yet, two cats? Would anything ever get done?

A small transportation company in Ohio is living the two-kitty life after adopting a pair of sweet kittens to keep in their office. Since the finance department was involved, the kittens were appropriately dubbed Debit and Credit.

After a Reddit post about the kitties went viral, followers flocked to an Instagram account featuring photos of the cuties. The two live at the office full-time and they seem to love finding unique napping spots and new ways to play.

First things first: Which cat is which?

Credit is the orange male. Like many cats, he enjoys inhibiting productivity by getting sleepy right in front of the computer screen.

Snoozing on top of paperwork is just fine, too.

Credit’s best pal is Debit, an elegant lady-cat. Like Credit, she likes to distract her “co-workers” just by being cute in various conspicuous locations.

Here they are together, snuggly best buds from the very beginning:

Here they both are, being helpful together by blocking the phone and sitting on top of papers all at the same time.

According to the original poster on Reddit, the cats stay in the office at night and on weekends. Sometimes, folks pop in on their days off just to give Debit and Credit a little love.

Reddit user @carenl said, “They stay at the office at night (with a very sweet setup), and we visit them on the weekends for snuggling and playing.”

@carenl added, “It is so hard not to play and snuggle all. Day. Long.”

With these faces, we believe it!

The kittens seem happy to keep each other company, though. Note the adorable tail-snuggle in the pic below as Credit and Debit watch the birds outside:

They even have custom collars so they can introduce themselves to visitors.


Some studies suggest that having pets at work can benefit employees and their company. Known benefits include improved employee performance, stress relief, a positive company image and increased teamwork.

Pets in the workplace are also known to contribute to work-life balance. They remind employees to take breaks and add laughter and positivity to office environments.

These toe beans alone would be a big benefit, as far as we’re concerned:

As an example of teamwork, the original Reddit poster mentioned that everyone in the office has a day to clean the litter box. That’s a serious cooperative effort right there!

And here’s Debit, being part of the team by assisting with its recycling efforts.

It looks like Credit and Debit are right at home in their workplace — and everyone’s glad they got “hired!”

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