This Adorable $20 Pineapple Backpack Doubles As A Cooler

Posted at 9:38 PM, Jun 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-09 21:38:40-04

Loving the increasingly warm weather? The Sun Squad collection at Target will have you ready to handle the heat this summer. The line includes everything from beach towels to cute coolers that will make staying outdoors and soaking up the sun easier than ever before.

Take this adorable pineapple-shaped backpack that doubles as a cooler, for example. It’s retailing for just $20 and has compartments for your keys, wallet and more while also offering up an insulated space for storing water bottles, cans and your kids‘ juice boxes — keeping them chilled all the while.

This is essentially the only thing you’ll need to have in tow this summer. Well, that and a bottle of sunscreen, of course:

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Those who have tried this out love how roomy the backpack is and have noticed that it manages to keep their beverages and other items chilled, as advertised:

“It also keeps my food cold for the majority of the day with ice packs inside along with food,” one review left on the Target website reads. “I take my bag with me everywhere, work, gym, travel, you name it, my bag is with me.”

“The backpack is large in size. It’s really cute and keeps the beverages cold,” another chimed in.

One issue reviewers have pointed out, however, is that you shouldn’t add ice to the pouch, because the bag will leak once the ice begins to melt. Another person noticed that their bag started to “come undone” after filling it with 20 cans. According to the product description, the bag has a 20-can capacity, so just be mindful when filling this thing up to the max!

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Target has some other cooler bag options in the $20 range if you’d like to test out a different model. They’ve got everything from fanny packs that will keep your drinks cold to more traditional coolers.

This palm leaf cooler claims to keep up to 24 cans cool and even comes with a cupholder section. Not to mention — it’s cute and also only $20:

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Of course, if you’re willing to spend a little extra money, you can find similar backpack cooler combos online. The Kyndley backpack is available for $54.95 on Amazon and has received rave reviews. While you may not get as many bonus points for style with this non-pineapple or palm leaf-printed option, it’s still stylish and gets the job done, considering it has a 42-liter carrying capacity for the entire bag:

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With backpacks that double as coolers, you’ll be able to have everything you need to have the best summer ever! How will you be toting all of your essentials this season?

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