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Texas youth event drops Boebert as speaker after incident at theater

The Colorado congresswoman continues to face backlash for actions that led to her being kicked out of a musical performance of "Beetlejuice."
Texas youth event drops Boebert as speaker after incident at theater
Posted at 3:45 PM, Sep 19, 2023

A conservative Texas youth conference dropped Rep. Lauren Boebert from its list of speakers following her controversial actions while attending a musical performance of "Beetlejuice."

Boebert, who represents Colorado's third congressional district, was originally a part of the speaker lineup for the Texas Youth Summit in Houston, where people between the ages of 16 and 26 lean into Republican principles. 

While there is no official word on why she was scrubbed from marketing materials and the event website, this comes just after the congresswoman and her alleged date were kicked out of the Buell Theater in Denver on Sept 10.

The city of Denver said the removal of two patrons was due to "vaping, singing, [and] causing a disturbance." 

The congresswoman's camp originally denied that she was vaping. But in surveillance video that was released, the congresswoman is seen blowing smoke out of a vape pen, and using the flash on her phone while the lights were dimmed — in addition to she and her partner inappropriately groping each other back and forth during the performance.

Boebert continues to face backlash over the incident — specifically the intimate touching — given that she's built a platform on her Christian, conservative values. 

The Texas Youth Summit initially promoted the congresswoman as a "devout Christian who seeks to honor God in all that she does." Previously, she was set to share the stage with other prominent GOP figures like Donald Trump Jr. and Texas congressman Wesley Hunt.

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