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Target Is Selling 4 New Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendars This Year

Target Is Selling 4 New Harry Potter Sock Advent Calendars This Year
Posted at 1:00 PM, Nov 17, 2019

Advent calendars are an unstoppable holiday trend that just get better with each passing year. From chocolate to hard selzter to wine to cheese, there are many options out there for adults who want to enjoy counting down the days to Christmas.

And you don’t have to be a Muggle to enjoy Advent calendars, either. Target just unveiled four new Harry Potter sock Advent calendars, so wizards of all ages can get their holiday cheer on. And sorry, kids, but these are all for grown-ups.

Target’s Harry Potter Advent socks have been quite popular for the last few years, and these fan-favorites sell out quickly. Now, Target is adding to the Harry Potter sock Advent collection with four new designs. And, unlike previous years’ calendars, which were for 12 days, this latest lot includes 15 days of cozy, magical socks.

Retailing at $15, the calendar’s collection of Harry Potter-themed socks come down to just $1 a sock. You wouldn’t want to go barefoot this winter, and with a deal like this, you might as well stock up!

Are you a Hedwig fan? Then, this Harry Potter owl 15 days of women’s socks Advent calendar is for you. Harry’s winged friend will greet you for 15 days when you open up a door to 10 pairs of low-cut ankle socks and five pairs of crew socks, including a pair featuring Hedwig herself.


Or try the Harry Potter castle women’s socks Advent calendar, which has 15 awesome designs of the Hogwarts school crest, the Sorting Hat, golden snitch and much more.

And the Hogwarts crest women’s socks Advent calendar is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their Hogwarts school spirit and be a model pupil.


The men’s Harry Potter 15 days of socks in a box will let you pick and choose which house colors you want to wear each day. Whether you need to wear a pair of Slytherin socks to deal with a difficult meeting with your boss or a pair of Hufflepuff socks to help you patiently handle the holiday traffic, these socks are a must for every wizard.

While you’re checking out the Advent calendar socks, don’t miss out on the other new designs, such as the new “Frozen 2″ Advent socks for girls, so you’ll have 15 days of Ana, Elsa, Olaf and the whole gang to get you ready for the holidays, and of course, the release of the new film.

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