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Tajin On Fruit Kebabs Is A Spicy-Sweet And Refreshing Summer Treat

Tajin On Fruit Kebabs Is A Spicy-Sweet And Refreshing Summer Treat
Posted at 3:35 PM, Jul 13, 2022

Cool, fresh fruit is always a refreshing treat at a scorching summer barbecue. But let’s face it: Chunks of watermelon and cantaloupe get a little old by the time August rolls around.

Add a thrill to your next fruit fiesta with Tajin seasoning, a zesty spice mixture that’s been a staple of Latin American pantries for ages.

If you haven’t tried Tajin on fruit yet, you’re in for a wonderful surprise. The potent powder, born in Mexico, zaps fruit with salt, citrus and spice, and, like magic, transforms it.

(I once saw a Mexican grandmother chase down a girl who forgot to put Tajin on her fruit plate, waving the little canister frantically — it’s that good.)


A quick and easy fruit kebab recipe from The Kitchn is a great introduction to Tajin on fruit: It’s cool, super-fresh and not-too-sweet — just what you need as steamy days get steamier.

The kebabs start with pineapple, mango and watermelon. We love you, cantaloupe, but sometimes a break is necessary. Cucumber, an unusual ingredient for fruit kebabs, is also called for. Choose English cucumbers instead of conventional for fewer seeds and more flavor.

Cut the fruit into 1-inch cubes and pile them on half of a baking sheet. You’ll use the other half for the assembled kebabs. (Side note: If young kids will be in attendance, eliminate the worry of sharp skewers by keeping some of the fruit in a bowl as a fruit salad.)


Using 8 to 10 pieces per skewer, add the fruit and cuke cubes one by one, creating a sequence. Once completed, you can wrap the whole sheet in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight.

When you’re ready to serve, squeeze half a lime over the tray to brighten up the flavors. Then add Tajin as the final touch, to brighten things up even more. (The recipe suggests 1 teaspoon for the whole batch, but I’d go with more for seasoned — ha, sorry — Tajin-on-fruit fans.)

Serve immediately and watch the delicious response! Find the full recipe and instructions from The Kitchn here.

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