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Taco Bell Is Bringing Back A Fan Favorite Menu Item Starting On Christmas Eve

Taco Bell Is Bringing Back A Fan Favorite Menu Item Starting On Christmas Eve
Posted at 10:35 AM, Dec 17, 2020

Taco Bell has decided to celebrate the 2020 holiday season with an unexpected, yet welcome gift to its customers: the return of Nacho Fries!

Beginning on Christmas Eve, the popular Taco Bell dish is making a long-awaited comeback in time to stuff some stockings and then ring in the New Year.

Taco Bell said it’s bringing back Nacho Fries for the second time in 2020 in response to customers’ need for favorite comfort foods after a long, challenging year.

Taco Bell

“In a year as difficult and uncertain as this one was, we know that consumers crave the comforts they love most,” said Nikki Lawson, Taco Bell’s chief global brand officer. “That’s why we’re excited to bring back Nacho Fries for our passionate fans to close out this year and kick off 2021 positively and deliciously,”

Taco Bell introduced Nacho Fries back in 2018. Customers loved the idea of taking the classic corn chips and swapping in Mexican-seasoned fries to go along with its popular nacho cheese dipping sauce. Nacho Fries have been so popular over the years, more than 347 million servings have been sold so far.

On Dec. 16, Taco Bell’s official Twitter page shared a photo for “The Craving,” which debuts on Dec. 24. Honestly, it looks more like a movie poster than a simple product re-launch.

Fans of the Nacho Fries may recall that these tasty creations have their own little cinematic commercial trailers. These movie-quality ads feature a hero who is obsessed with Nacho Fries and is on a quest to determine the source of their addictive nature. This year’s blockbuster-style commercial will feature actress Sarah Hyland and actor Joe Keery (“Stranger Things”),

You can get an order of Nacho Fries for $1.39 as a side dish or as part of a $5 meal box that includes the fries, a Beefy 5-Layer Burrito, a crunchy taco, and a medium fountain drink.

As an extra bonus, a few other items will also be available for a limited time as well starting on Christmas Eve. Taco Bell will add a $1 Loaded Nacho Taco, a Bacon Club Chalupa and Taco and Burrito Cravings Packs. This ought to help mollify those who were disappointed by Taco Bell’s menu reduction earlier this year.

It looks like 2021 will start off with a tasty bang and we can’t wait.

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