There could be three major storms in the Atlantic

Posted at 3:05 PM, Aug 15, 2017

Late August is when the Atlantic hurricane season begins to ramp up. Looking into weather patterns of the Atlantic on Tuesday, it shows.

Hurricane Gert continues to spin parallel to the United States' East Coast, and in the middle of the Atlantic, there are currently three different tropical disturbances, all of which could become new tropical storms.

If all three of these storms continued to develop into tropical storms, they'd be named Harvey, Irma and Jose. However, it doesn't seem likely that all three of them will continue to grow.

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At best, the Atlantic could have two more named systems by the weekend.

The storm system farthest west and closest to the Caribbean is currently known as Invest 91L, and while it's expected to continue traveling west, it may reach tropical storm status as early as Thursday or Friday.

The other two disturbances, Invest 92L and the tropical wave right behind it, are less likely to develop, but a few forecast models have at least one of them becoming a new tropical storm by the end of the week or into the weekend.

August and September are the typically the months when we begin to see a tropical storm or hurricane almost every other week. The current state of the Atlantic seems to be no exception.

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