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10 holiday stocking stuffers under $20 each

10 holiday stocking stuffers under $20 each
Posted at 9:30 AM, Nov 15, 2022

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Although inflation has started to slow, the rise in prices over the few years may have put a damper on your holiday gift budget. While waiting for Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday savings, you can at least get a head start by shopping for affordable stocking stuffers.

Whether you are looking for smaller gifts for your teen or spouse or need some options for others on your list that are budget-friendly but fun, we’ve rounded up some unique stocking stuffer ideas, with something for everyone. Best of all, nothing on our list is over $25!

Bic BodyMark Body Art Markers ($17)

Here’s a clever stocking stuffer idea: These cosmetic-quality body-art markers are perfect for someone who loves to express themselves in unique ways. In addition, the skin-safe markers are designed for use on various skin tones.

This five-pack, currently discounted to $16.92 on Amazon, includes pastel-colored temporary-tattoo markers in pink, green, orange, yellow and white. It also comes with 10 fun stencils.

Nail Polish Holder Ring ($10)


At-home manicures are an excellent way to pamper yourself without spending much. But painting your own fingernails can get awkward. This unique stocking stuffer is made of soft silicone to fit comfortably on the fingers while securely holding any size bottle of nail polish.

The Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Holder, listed at $9.99, has more than 20,000 ratings and 4.5 stars from buyers, with more than 20 colors to choose from.

Dry Body Brush ($10)



Dry brushing can provide numerous skin benefits, such as exfoliation and increased circulation. This palm-sized body brush is perfect for a stocking. It’s got more than 26,600 reviews and an overall rating of 4.4 stars.

“My husband and I fight over our brush,” wrote one reviewer. “It’s a wonderful exfoliating tool. I struggle with dry, cracked skin. So I was hesitant when trying a dry brush … however, my sensitive skin seemed to repair once I dry brushed and used moisturizer.”

Comfortable and easy to use, the CSM Dry Body Brush, $9.98, weighs 4.8 ounces. The built-in canvas strap keeps it securely on your hand. It has soft but sturdy bristles and massaging nodules to prevent irritation.

Morse Code Bracelets ($11)


These Morse code bracelets are a fun stocking stuffer if you’re looking for a unique way to tell someone you love them. The white beads represent dots, and the black ones dashes, spelling out a secret message to your recipient.

This Morse code bracelet set, $10.99, includes two with “I Love You” written in Morse code. It would be a sweet holiday gift for a partner, friend, child or parent.

6 Character Sheet Masks ($13)


We all know someone who deserves some self-care. This set of adorable face masks is a lighthearted way to indulge them.

The character mask set, $12.75 for six, has designs such as a llama, unicorn and mermaid, each with unique properties such as moisturizing, soothing or hydrating. The masks have more than 10,900 reviews and 4.6 stars at Amazon.

“I got them for my niece and she is loving them,” wrote a reviewer. “She said they’re fun to wear around the house, also makes her skin feel soft and smooth.”

BIIB 9-in-1 Multitool Pen ($16)


With the size and convenience of a ballpoint pen, this stocking stuffer also has eight other handy tools. Your recipient can use it as a:

  • Stylus
  • Bottle opener
  • Phone stand
  • Ruler
  • LED light
  • Level
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver

The BIIB 9-in-1 Multitool Pen is perfect for anyone’s pocket or purse. It’s currently 47% off at $15.99, with an additional coupon for 10% off that can be applied.

Global Edition Hot Sauce Set ($18)


Here’s a stocking stuffer idea for the foodie who wants to add a little spice to everything. This hot sauce set lets them enjoy some extra flavor on the go.

The five-pack of mini bottles, currently $18.16, includes sauces called Cuban Dream, Rio de Janeiro Habanero, Puerto Rican Mango Habanero, Mexican Style and My Outback is Burning.

Beanie Hat with LED Light ($18)


Help your recipient keep warm and have hands-free lighting on dark winter days or nights. This knitted acrylic beanie has a built-in rechargeable headlamp, making it ideal for exercise, working or other outdoor activities.

“I got these for my friend and father-in-law and they both love it,” wrote reviewer Jason Buck. “They use it around the fire pit and to shovel snow, walk the dogs … basically all the time.”

The LED beanie, 10% off at $17.98 right now, is washable, and the light has four modes: On/Off, Low, High and Strobe. If you get snow for Christmas, your recipient might be using this stocking stuffer idea to shovel the walk that evening!

Slice Safety Cutter ($9)


This is a functional gift that could help your recipient open other gifts. The micro-ceramic blade makes opening mail, clamshell packaging and food packages a breeze. You can also use it for cutting things out, such as coupons and vinyl. What you won’t cut are your fingers.

“My mom is 75 and having problems with eyesight and dexterity,” one Amaozon reviewer wrote. “This item makes it super easy for her to open envelopes and plastic packaging. It makes me feel better that she can keep her independence and I don’t have to worry about her injuring herself.”

The Slice Safety Cutter, marked down to $8.56, has a rubberized non-slip grip and can be used right- or left-handed. And it’s magnetic, so the person who gets it can keep it handy on their fridge.

Saucemoto Dip Clip ($11)


Your favorite chicken nugget junkie will wonder how they lived without this gift. These dipping-sauce cup holders have universal air vent mounts that have been tested to hold on tight, allowing them to safely dunk and drive.

The rotating mount can be attached to vertical, horizontal or diagonal vents. Made to hold the sauce cups from almost every major fast-food chain,  a food-safe, removable ramekin is also included with each one and will hold the ketchup from up to five packets.

The Saucemoto Dip Cup, $10.95 for a set of two, comes in four colors. With nearly 20,000 ratings and 4.6 stars, it’s suitable for stuffing any driver’s stocking.

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