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Starbucks’ notebook tumbler with pencil straw is the perfect end-of-year gift for teachers

Starbucks’ Notebook Tumbler With Pencil Straw Is The Perfect End-Of-Year Gift For Teachers
Posted at 7:30 AM, May 27, 2020

Parents, it’s been a tough spring — for you, your kids and their teachers alike. Distance learning hasn’t been easy, and yet we’ve heard all kinds of stories about educators going above and beyond amid the pandemic, from the math teacher who showed up on a student’s front porch for a one-on-one lesson to the principal who drove 800 miles to congratulate all of his graduating seniors in person.

If you’re looking for a simple way to thank all of those dedicated educators, you might want to check the shelves at your local Starbucks. Their latest reusable cup has a pattern like a lined notebook, complete with a red vertical margin line, and the tumbler’s straw looks just like a No. 2 pencil.

Just don’t chew on the eraser if you want to earn an A+ for the perfect end-of-year gift for your kids’ favorite teachers.

A teacher in Sacramento, California, with the Instagram handle @sweetandpetiteteacher, shared some of the details in a post — and pay attention, because there will be a quiz. The tumblers are 24 ounces, and not all Starbucks locations have them. This teacher mentions spotting them at cafes inside of Target and other stores.

Hip2Save reports that the cups cost $16.95, and that Starbucks has classroom-themed gift cards as well.

Here’s one of those gift cards. How cute is this for your kiddo’s favorite teacher?


Instagrammer @thekindergarden spotted the tumblers at a local Starbucks and snapped a pic that shows off the pencil straws.

I know teachers are going gaga for these, but I’m thinking a notebook and pencil tumbler is going to have a strong appeal for the writers in your life, too.

One early learning teacher, @carolraecreations, has already snagged a cup for herself and personalized it:

Another teacher, @sixth_grade_chronicles, thanked students for the gift cards by posting a shot of the new cup:

While you’re out hunting down one of these notebook tumblers, you’ll probably also spot Starbucks’ color-changing reusable cups, which come in a brightly hued five-pack and fade to pastel shades when you fill them with a cold drink.

Hey, teachers have been working hard, but you’ve earned something for your educational efforts this spring, too.

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