U.S. Amateur field of 32 set, one MI native left

Posted: 5:13 PM, Aug 17, 2016
Updated: 2016-08-18 08:57:48-04
U.S. Amateur field of 32 set, one MI native left
U.S. Amateur field of 32 set, one MI native left

The U.S. Amateur has whittled itself down from 312 golfers, to the final 32, but only one is from the state, and it's Nick Carlson, a sophomore for the Wolverines, whose carrying the Michigan flag the rest of the way.

"I caught a little of that today on the first tee when there was about 100 people around, it's pretty cool, no one else gets to say that," Nick Carlson said.

"He's got a lot of family and friends from home, we're all rooting for him that's for sure." Michigan golf coach Chris Whitten added. "When it's time to play, it's just the ball and the hole, all the other stuff is extra and I think it's great for us to get behind him."

Nick's now just five wins away from taking this whole thing home and as he enters the weekend his strategy isn't going to change. A strategy that much come as a surprise to a field full very fierce competitors.

"First of all you're going to have bad shots, so you have to laugh, second of all, have fun and third of all just putt the ball, and luckily I did all three of those things today," Carlson added.

Does his jovial-ness out there help in him not letting the moment get to him?

"I mean that's Nick. Some guys are stoic and serious when they play, and you can kind of tell what Nick's thinking at all times, that's who he is and he's got to be himself and it's really fun to watch," Whitten added.

The remaining 32 play 36 holes tomorrow to narrow the field to 8 by Saturday.