Tucker, Spartans 'tightening the screws'

Posted at 9:41 PM, Nov 10, 2020

The low-high-low range on emotions for Michigan State football fans this season has been extreme.

An opening loss to Rutgers, followed by the emotional win at Michigan, only to get ambushed by Iowa shows that while a process is in place in East Lansing under first year head coach Mel Tucker, it's no where near well-oiled machine.

"We're tightening the screws every possible way that we can," Tucker said.

Tucker preaches the process, and that it starts at fundamentals. Something that was severely lacking in their two losses this season.

Tucker has seen how the little details can bring success at every level of football. For him, he is trying to instill that practice is where the game is actually won, as he doesn't want his players thinking about outcomes of games before the work is put in.

"You can't live in the past, that's not a formula for success. You have to be neutral, you have to say what happened, what are the facts, you can't judge it, right, wrong, good or bad. What happened? How do we fix it, let's fix it, let's move on and move forward quickly and aggressively with intense poise," Tucker said.

The Spartans host undefeated Indiana (3-0) at Spartans Stadium on Saturday, the game will be aired on WXYZ at noon.