Tom Izzo looking for consistency from Michigan State in final six games of regular season

Tom Izzo
Posted at 3:11 PM, Feb 13, 2023

(WXYZ) — Tom Izzo said before the season started, he didn’t think his team was a “great team.” However, today he admitted that they are I fact better than what he thought they would be. But now, with six games left, he wants them to prove it.

“Consistency is what I’m looking for now,” said Izzo. “Tyson Walker is playing really, Hauser is playing really well, AJ may have played one of his best games. It’s can we get them all together at once.”

As for what specifically surprises him about this team, he said he thought they would be better on the offensive end, but as it turns out he is more impressed with their defensive ability.

“I thought with the schedule we had and the way it was, we knew we would be in some dog fights,” said Izzo. “I’ve been semi pleased with the record, not as much pleased with the play.”

There are only six games left in the season and Tom Izzo said February is when things start to get real for both himself as a coach and the players, as well.

“Every game is almost like an NCAA game,” said Izzo. “That puts more pressure on the players, but it’s also more exciting.”

Of the next six games in the final regular season stretch, Minnesota visits the Breslin Center on Wednesday, and the Spartans go to Ann Arbor on Saturday. Izzo has three keys to focus on: get the ball to the post more, get their running ham going faster, and get to the free throw line. Izzo said if they can find ways to do those things, then they have the chance to take the next step forward with March basketball on the doorstep.