Michigan hopes to have some fans at football games this fall

Posted at 10:11 AM, May 30, 2020

The University of Michigan is reportedly hopeful to have fans in the Big House for football this fall.

The school posted a letter to season ticket holders on its website.

The announcement shares the extension of the season ticket renewal deadline.

"There are several entities that will determine the details of the season, including the Big Ten Conference, campus leadership, medical experts, and state/local government officials," the letter reads. "As soon as a decision has been made, we will communicate that information. We will not be releasing any unpaid season tickets until we have details on this season, and provide those with balances ample notification."

The university sent a letter to season ticket holders, saying they are hopeful some fans will be able to attend games, MLive reports . "The Athletic Department has been planning for and is hopeful that some yet to be determined number of Michigan fans will be able to attend games at Michigan Stadium this fall," MLive's Aaron McMann writes the letter said.