Pistons center Isaiah Stewart stops by to enjoy Lions training camp

Isaiah Stewart and Jameson Williams
Posted at 1:19 PM, Aug 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-05 23:05:47-04

Pistons center Isaiah Stewart stopped by Allen Park to enjoy Lions training camp and said he played tight end as a kid, although he has no desire to get back out there after watching the Lions. He said he came to support the team as they've done the same to support the Pistons.

Stewart is known as a physical guy, most notably after his beef with Lebron James at Little Caesars Arena when the Pistons played the Lakers. But even Stewart said that he was impressed with the physicality the Lions showed and in football in general. He laughed that he was told this was a lighter practice, but it didn't come off as very light at all.

After practice was done, Stewart met Lions rookie wide receiver Jameson Williams for the first time. Stewart said he knew him from watching his football career with Alabama. Stewart says he knows how good of a player Williams is and told him to stay healthy and "do his thing" once he is able to play.

Stewart was among three Pistons named to the rising stars team during the All-Star weekend in Cleveland. He played in the Pistons summer league as well and is a part of the core bringing promise for a restoration to the Pistons franchise.