Report: Lions could trade Matthew Stafford before Super Bowl LV

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Posted at 8:18 PM, Jan 29, 2021

The Detroit Lions may try to trade Matthew Stafford prior to Super Bowl LV, according to a report from Sports Illustrated NFL writer Albert Breer.

"I think talks have really escalated (over the past week) on Matthew Stafford," Breer said Friday on the Dan Patrick Show. "I think it'd be smart of the Lions to do this now. Before we have any certainty of (other teams making quarterback decisions), the Lions can get in front of it and say 'here's a quarterback you can have right now and you don't need to worry about where the rest of the market goes.'"

Breer described this offseason as a situation where quarterback supply could outweigh demand.

"(The Lions) talked to different teams this week," said Breer. "And there are a few teams where we know they're going to be aggressive at quarterback this offseason: New England, Indianapolis, Carolina, Washington. I can't tell you which one (Stafford's) going to go to, but I think the Lions are of a mind to try and get this done over the next week or so if they can...because they feel like if we do it now, we'll get ahead of the supply/demand curve, and be able to maybe get a first round pick plus something else."

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reports Stafford considers the Los Angeles Rams a viable trade contender, but notes Jared Goff's long-term contract is still a factor.