Lions fired up and having fun as training camp gets underway

Dan Campbell Lions Training Camp
Posted at 2:41 PM, Jul 28, 2021

ALLEN PARK (WXYZ) — The first day of training camp usually comes with the same coach speak we've heard before, but often times, it's not what you say, it's how you say it.

“These guys showed up, in shape, were big, we’re long, we look strong, we look explosive and they crushed the conditioning test, so I’m pretty fired up about that,” first year head coach Dan Campbell said.

That’s not the on thing that has Campbell fired up enough to do down ups with his squad. The culture of energy and competitive fun was palpable in today’s session, and the players are responding to a different approach than we’ve seen around here before.

“The energy out here is a lot different, guys smiling, having fun, people kind of forget to have fun playing this game, playing a kids game, can’t ever forget to have fun,” Lions second year running back D’Andre Swift said.

“When you have a lot of guys buying in, you have a lot of guys trusting in the process, and just coming to work, it shows on the field, you won’t see it now, probably a lot of people still are doubting us but that’s okay, as long as we come in everyday, focus one day at a time on what we have to do, we’ll be alright,” veteran defensive end Michael Brockers added.

There’s no doubt that there’s renewed optimism in Allen Park, but I know you’ve heard that before. The difference this time is that the players actually believe it.

“They didn’t have to say a word to let us know that ‘Hey man, we’re in,’ all that shows us is that now we have a chance, we have a chance so it’s day one and here we go,” Campbell said.