Local boy seeks out "Real Heroes" at Tigers Game

Posted at 5:08 PM, Jul 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-20 12:27:03-04

Mitchell Rebtoy and his friends were all hyped up to rub elbows with the likes of Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander as they accepted their trophies for winning a batting challenge, but he noticed he wasn't the only one being honored.

"We went to go out on the field and the Dallas Police Department, when we were all standing in a line they high-fives us for winning all of the awards," 10-year-old Mitchell Rebtoy recalled.

"It was really touching when they reached out to the kids and gave them the high fives like Mitchell said, recognizing their accomplishments. I think it was kind of a peaceful moment for the officers to be on the field, to relax for a moment and see some kids having fun," Mitchell's father, Mark added.

But it's what happened next, that is stealing hearts today. With an autograph-less ball in hand, Mitchell took his marker and approached one of the officers.

"I was thinking in my head that the Dallas police people were the real heroes and is hours get their autographs. So I went over to them and said 'excuse me, can I get your autographs? Because you guys are the real heroes,'" Mitchell said.

"When he went ahead and did that by himself I was impressed, and then when they called him down and they hoisted him up on their shoulders, I was just awestruck, I was taking so many pictures, it was overwhelming to me and I don't even think it's dawned on Mitchell yet, what an impact this really had on the police officers," Mark added.

And the pictures prove that. So does Mitchell's one-of-a-kind baseball that has every officers signature and badge number on it.

"I really wanted their autograph because they really stood out to me, they were just the heroes of everything, really," Mitchell added.