Lions wrap up virtual off season program

Posted at 8:05 PM, Jun 17, 2020

Usually when the Lions wrap up OTA's and mini-camp, they know exactly where their strengths and weakness lie.

As far as implementation of plays and scheme, they feel very confident that they've given enough information to the players to be successful.

As far as knowing exactly what kind of athletes will be executing those though, is a different story.

"I won't be able to judge that until we get on the field and find out where the players are at," defensive coordinator Cory Undlin said.

"We don't know those guys like we normally would at this point, but as far as the mental side, I'm comfortable with where we're at," offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell said.

Players like Matthew Stafford, TJ Hockenson and others, who had season ending injuries are another question mark. While they've been rehabbing on their own, how far along in that process are they? That's something the team is closely monitoring, but until they get them to Allen Park, they'll largely remain a mystery.

The next time the Lions meet as a team, will be the start of training camp. No date has been set for that, as the Coronavirus Pandemic continues to throw so many unknowns into the mix.

The Lions say that they're awaiting word from the NFL as to when that will kick off, as well as if it will be extended at all due to lack of traditional off season workouts.